Most Dangerous Road
On May 6, a documentary about the world’s most dangerous road located in the Bolivian Andes featuring Kelowna-based Enodo Adventures co-owner, Jon Derksen, aired on National Geographic Channel.
“The Yungas Road is one of those must-see-before-you-die places,” Derksen said.  “The east side of the Bolivian Andes is a rare and beautiful spectacle, and the
hair-raising road travel makes it that much more memorable.”
In July 2005, Enodo Adventures was approached to help coordinate the National Geographic shoot.  The locally-based company organized the shoot in the Bolivian Andes, one of the most challenging filming environments on the planet. Filming took place between February 18th and 26th, 2006. The Enodo team has led numerous expeditions into the Andes, the Amazon, Central America and the Himalayas. They are also educators, filmmakers, published writers and photographers.  
A few highlights included:
• The shoot started in La Paz, Bolivia, the world’s highest capital city, at over 4000 metres
• On the fourth day, at a 4600 metre pass in the Andes, the crew filmed a Kallawaya shaman performing a ritual for safe passage (challa) on the vehicles being used for the shoot
 • Aerial footage of the road was shot at altitudes of up to 20,000 feet from the open door of a military aircraft
 • A group of drama students from the American Cooperative School in La Paz, Bolivia (where Derksen used to teach), were used in a re-enactment of a near-fatal bus accident on the Yungas Road.  The crew worked with the students for a full day at altitudes above 3000 metres.
• At one of the more dangerous locations along the road they filmed an active landslide, where boulders the size of small cars thundered down the hillside.
• Due to heavy fog and rain much of the time special camera housing was used to keep the high definition (HD) equipment dry.
“It was a privilege to work with pros who share the same ethos as us,” said Derksen. “The quality of the work was superb, and each member brought to the team a passion for adventure, media and world cultures.”
The Yungas Road footage was featured as one of a two-part series called “Dangerous World”, which debuted on the National Geographic Channel in the U.S. on May 6, 2007. Due to Canadian content laws, the show did not air on National Geographic Channel Canada.  More recently, Enodo has been working with the Discovery Channel on a documentary about tribal body art among the Wancho people of northeastern India.
For more information on the Yungas Road please visit:
To view a trailer on the documentary visit and type “Danger Roads” into the search box.  The first selection should be the clip from “Dangerous World:  Roads
Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Enodo Debuts on National Geographic Channel
To view a trailer on the documentary visit and type “Danger Roads” into the search box.  The first selection should be the clip from “Dangerous World: