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 Experts in expedition consultancy, Enodo is dedicated to providing quality guidance and direction of overseas projects that inspire positive change.. 

With 10 years experience and intimate knowledge of locations like Belize, Bolivia, India, Indonesia, the himalayas, the Andes, and the Canadian Rockies, enodo provides individuals and groups around the world with unparalleled opportunities abroad to help foster a new understanding and respect for our planet.

what enodo provides:

 expedition consultancy for schools and production companies, and custom expeditions in remote locations world-wide, providing research, planning and guidance, curriculum (where applicable), risk and security analysis, health and safety back up, in addition to medical and logistical assistance

 media expertise and/or professional camera crew for domestic and overseas productions

 travel consultancy for individuals or groups seeking culturally and environmentally responsible travel options

 assistance for individuals groups and businesses seeking community-service focused and/or team-building projects overseas 
enodo Whether it’s underwater... Specializing in custom-designed trips, expedition consultancy and media-based projects overseas
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