On May 6, 2007 a documentary about the world’s most dangerous road located in the Bolivian Andes featuring Kelowna-based Enodo Adventures co-owner, Jon Derksen, aired on National Geographic Channel.
Yungas Road:  the most deadly in the world
Yungas Road (in red)
The road just past Chuspipata
Passing another vehicle is just one of the dangers
In the cloud forest zone water spills over the road in long cataracts
The National Geographic Crew do what they must to get the shot
Jon Derksen takes a break from the shoot
The Yungas Road slices through the Andes like a hot knife through butter
Filming at the head of the Choro Inca Trail at 15,000 feet
Mt. Mururata dominates the view from the North Yungas
Nat. Geo. interviews Jon Derksen about his experiences on the road