Arunachal Pradesh
Enodo team member, Jon Derksen, recently returned from one month among tribals in northeastern India.  Here are a few visual highlights.
The Wanchos of Arunachal Pradesh
The Emperor’s Wife washes clothes
Spokes of light in the thatch
of a the Emperor’s longhouse
A child looks on as men eat a communal meal
Villagers gather share ‘ju’ together during a hut-building party
Wancho men are distinguished by their colorful headdresses
Vines are used to haul tree trunk posts for the longhouse
Buffalo sacrifice in inauguration of a new longhouse for the Deputy Chief
Boys play with their homemade toys
Filming of a young teenage girl receiving her first tattoo
Sunrise over Niannu Village
The queen of Niannu prepares her tattooing implement
The Emperor’s longhouse
Traditional woman’s belly tattoo
Woman’s thigh tattoos
A race of wonderful character
A young Wancho warrior heads
 to the tapioca fields
An elderly warrior poses with all of his finery
Children gather on the 
tattooing platform
A valley below Niannu Village
The Patkai Hills at dawn
The Emepror’s first wife
Emperor Toka and the Queen Mother (tattoo mistress)
Children enjoy an afternoon 
in the trees
Discovery crew member Pablo 
takes five
A family at play in Pongsa Colony
“The Tiger” of Niannu Village - a great warrior in his day
Gift of life
Women generally take care of the village water needs
Hauling water in bamboo segments of the khud
Dusk over the Patkai Hills
A warrior poses before embarking 
on a hunt
A young girl cares for the Emperor’s youngest son
Sunset through the bamboo
A tea estate in neighboring 
Assam State
Young warrior at Zedua Village during Oriah Festival
Trophies in Khetti Village (Nocte)
‘The Tiger’ and Jon Derksen
Playing the log drum at Niaunu Village
Queen Wangham, the tattoo artist
Warrior from Niausa Village