Expedition Consultancy for T.V. & Film
 Enodo provides expedition and consultancy for production companies filming in remote locations world-wide.  We offer the following services:

 Planning and guidance
 Risk and security analysis
 Health and safety back up
 Medical and logistical assistance
  Location services such as scouting & recce

Enodo can also provide the following:

 Crew Hiring/Referrals
 Govt. & Private Permissions/Clearances
 Assistance with Visas for cast/crew
 Contracts between local personnel & companies
 Liaise & Negotiate where required with unions
 Consult and provide Schedule using (MMS) and Budgets on Movie Magic software or Excel.
 Become the employer of record for cast & crew
 Obtain Insurances
 Co-ordinate Hotel, Air & Transport
 Consult on taxation & legal requirements
 Assist and co-ordinate the Import & Export of production equipment & goods
Hire Facilities & Equipment according to production requirements.
We understand that each production is unique, and therefore we assess every project independently and base our costs on the following factors:

  Hired for Consulting, Select Service or Production Management

  Duration of the production or consulting engagement

  Size and Budget of the production or complexity of the consulting job

Why use Enodo?

 We ensure international production values
 Our local knowledge of resources saves time
 We have highly credible and long established relationships
 We help you save on the cost of production
 Reduce local language barrier
 We overcome cultural differences in work practices and law
Get Started:  

Contact us by  e-mail at info@enodo.ca or phone 250 869 6575 for a free consultation and evaluation of your project:

 Submit your script or story board
 Provide a list of crew, talent and equipment requirements
 We will make preliminary location suggestions and advise on logistical issues such as permissions and import/export of equipment
 We will provide you with a schedule and budget estimate.

We’ll get your crew moving.... expedition A National Geographic crew member sets up for a shoot in the Bolivian Andes.
Coming Soon - Enodo TV
Enodo Adventures provides unique opportunities for students and more mature travelers to explore places that are off the beaten track, accessible only to those with inside connections and a deep knowledge of the area. Enodo TV utilizes these opportunities and captures these media-focused expeditions in the form of documentary reality television programming and will serve as an on-going supply of images for the Enodo Stock Footage and Image Bank. Our staff are also actively involved in the Enodo Adventure Media Courses.

The Enodo TV Adventure Documentary Series captures all aspects of Enodo expeditions and portrays the events as they happen. The documentaries introduce the audiences to unique and little known places and peoples, and in the process show the participants of the expeditions dealing with various challenges and obstacles. These productions will dispense with ‘creating the reality’, as often seen on mainstream reality shows; instead, with Enodo expeditions going ‘off the beaten path’, events will be portrayed as they really happen—trials and tribulations that must be dealt with by the expedition team. The program is designed to be entertaining and captivating. It will be shot in High Definition television format by a small professional documentary crew and consequently edited into a half hour TV format. The destination of the series is Network Television, ultimately in the form of syndication. The secondary market is educational, including schools, libraries and media rental outlets.

The Enodo Stock Footage and Image Bank will be a continuously growing database of still images and motion footage. There are various tiers of image purpose and quality translating to relevant licensing fees. The still images are primarily intended for marketing and advertising, while the motion picture stock library is available for content producers who require a particular shot to complete their project. The still images are sourced out from digital as well as film origin; motion picture stock comes typically as high definition digital format.

Enodo Media Courses are a critical ingredient of Enodo Education and are run and guest-taught by award-winning media professionals and television journalists. The curriculum includes the following: 
  1.  Enhancing basic technical aspects of in-the-field media production and editorial content relevant to field journalism
  1.  Learning functions and techniques of video and audio equipment, as well as both film and digital cameras
  1. Training in computer editing of the captured video and photographic media by certified Apple Canada educators
  1.  Developing research skills and the ability to identify ‘the story to tell’ (while creating sensitivity to cultural, geographical and political elements pertaining to the development of the story)
  1.  Building basic journalistic and interviewing skills
All this is designed around the idea of the ‘here and now’, as opposed to the often dry and often less stimulating classroom-based instruction.