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Leading a student group overseas can be the highlight of a teacher or administrator’s career.  But it can also a daunting task.  Although the inherent benefits of world travel are alluring, educators wiling to coordinate such trips face increasing obstacles when taking students on the road, and greater scrutiny from administrators and parents concerned about their students’ or children’s well-being and safety.
That’s where Enodo can help.  The operators of Enodo Adventures have been leading student trips to fascinating destinations around the globe for over 10 years.  Here’s why you should let Enodo work for you:  
  1.   We are teachers, school administrators and parents ourselves and understand the logistical, legal and professional implications of field trips associated with a school
  1.   From start to finish we will help you to custom-build an unparalleled learning-focused adventure, without pricing you off the map and
  1.   Our trusted people on the ground and our intimate knowledge of the countries to which we travel are second to none
If you are planning—or thinking of planning—a student trip overseas, contact Enodo Adventures today to learn more about how to get started, our company, its operatives and the services we provide.
Why settle for ordinary when enodo offers the extraordinary? media Unparalelled adventures experiences
Our Education Philosophy

Modern thinking in education recognizes that young people often learn better outside the classroom than within it. Traditional styles of instruction are being paired with various methods of self-generated learning. The boundaries of collaboration and communication are no longer restricted to a classroom, school, state or country. The global network of information has provided a unique revolution in the process of learning.
Yet amidst this is a lack of practical 'how-to' guidelines, hands-on experience and legitimate expert guided learning. Someone may have a real knowledge of, say, Belize, its geography, political situation, history, and yet have no real knowledge of its inner-workings, cultural and environmental nuances, socio-political eccentricities and the issues facing its people, and the land itself.

Enodo embraces innovative educational thinking, with emphasis on the integration of technology and learning through international cooperation online, communicating with globally active organizations, research prior to travel, and a process of hands-on learning in the field, with the ability to beam it back directly to the classroom.

By using the technological tools available today, Enodo is able to provide a learning experience. Together with educational professionals, who are able to share their experience in the field, guiding and enriching the learning process, whilst being able to document it in various media formats, we are able to meet the modern generation at a point of learning that is most relevant to them.

With destinations like Belize, the Indian Himalayas, the Bolivian Andes, the Island of Sumatra and the Canadian Rockies, these Adventure Media Courses provide students and adults from around the world with inspiring educational opportunities at the ends of the earth, and in doing so, help them foster a new understanding and respect for our planet through cutting edge media.

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