Arunachal pradesh
Enodo team member, Jon Derksen, recently returned from one month among tribals in northeastern India.  Here are a few visual highlights.
The Apatanis of Arunachal pradesh
Outskirts of Hija
Apatani woman in rice fields
Household implements
Nani Tatu - Shaman warrior
Nani Tatu demonstrates the use of his spear and shield
Nani Tatu about to throw his spear
Nani Village
Himalayan foothills of 
Arunachal Prdesh
An impressive example of nose discs
Cooking the evening meal
An Apatani woman
The legendary mithun
Jungle rat delicacy
Woodcutter, Kago Buhe
The Apatani Valley in monsoon
Hong Village