Andes to amazon expedition
On November 1, 2007, eight intrepid explorers embarked on a two-week expedition taking them from a 15,000 foot pass in the Andes to the pristine wilderness of Madidi National Park on the outer edge of the Amazon Basin.  Activities included biking the world’s most dangerous road, hiking part of the Choro Inca Trail, camping on the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca and trekking in the vast rainforest along the Tuichi River  Here are some visual highlights....
Andes to Amazon adventure
November 1 -15, 2007
The Cordillera Real
Breakdown on the road to Rurrenabaque
The North Yungas
The Amazon skyline
Biking the World’s Most Dangerous Road
Lighting Candles at the pilgrimage 
town of Copacobana
On the road to Yampupata, Lake Titikaka
Time to ride....
Lake Titikaka
Cloister of Iglesia de San Francisco
Dusk over the Serrania Marimonos
Sunset on Lake Titikaka
Guide Jon Derksen with his new friend at La Senda Verde
One of the many thrills of road 
travel in Bolivia
Cholitas chatting outside the San Francisco Church doors
Devil’s Tooth rises over La Paz
A young ocelot at La Senda Verde
Cholita and child on their way to market, Lake Titikaka
Children enjoy some afternoon swimming, Lake Titikaka
On the Choro Inca Trail
Ruins of a storage house on the Choro Inca Trail
Black spider monkey, La Senda Verde
Robyn plays with a young coati mundi, La Senda Verde
On the road near Mt. Illimani
Ready to ride the World’s Most Dangerous Road
An adult red howler monkey
Emergency bathroom break, 
Lake Titikaka
Cloud formations over Lake Titikaka
Copacobana from the pass
Mt. Illimani rises over 21,000 feet 
near La Paz
A captive baby douroucouli
Spring rains hamper road travel near Rurrenabaque
On the Beni River en route to Chalalan Lodge, Madidi National Park
A capybara, the world’s largest rodent
Tranquility on the lagoon at Chalalan Lodge
The famous ‘Hot Lips’ flower
Jungle light
Trent crosses a stream in Madidi National Park
Madidi National Park teams with insect life, many species still uncategorized
We take the plunge on the 
Rio Eslabon
White-lipped peccaries on the 
Eslabon River
Night falls on the lagoon at Chalalan Lodge
A capuchin monkey searches for a resting place for the night
Hari Sameer, our friend from San Jose de Uchupiaumonas
We lose to the Grade 5 boys in 
San Jose
A traditional clay oven at San Jose
The breadth and beauty of the Amazon is astonishing